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raksha bella sale!!

Friday, July 29th, 2011

Raksha Bella, one of my all time favorite textile designers for insanely gorgeous bedding is having a ridiculous sale starting today 7/29 through Sunday 7/31 with up to 50% off of EVERYTHING!! This is madness people! Get on it now! I feel a little like Crazy Eddie from those old electronics commercials.  Seriously though, I adore Raksha Bella’s line of 100% organic wood-block print textiles and I’m never one to pass up a great deal or miss an opportunity to share one with you!

camp cirrus

Monday, April 4th, 2011

It’s finally April and it snowed all day long yesterday.  Looking for a way out of my gray mood this morning I was so glad to find an email from Camp Cirrus in my inbox. The Camp Cirrus line of home accessories with their happy colors and patterns helped restore my faith that Spring is right around the corner. I mean they are from Sweden and if any one knows about never-ending Winters it’s the Swedes! I really dig the laminated birch trays.  Their line of hand printed cotton canvas items includes pretty and practical tote bags, cheery pillows and clever textile jars.  All items are available in the US through the online shop Vitrine.


Thursday, March 24th, 2011

I realize this is beginning to look suspiciously like a baby blog lately and not a design blog but everything has gotten so hip for kids these days that I believe even if you don’t have kids you can appreciate these things.

The latest adorable designs come via sisters Cristina and Genevieve Burgess from Canada who recently launched Auggie, a line of bedding for kids. Sizes range from crib to queen (I guess I won’t be upgrading to a king bed anytime soon) and includes decorative pillows and quilts.  See more from Auggie and buy online here.

Thanks to Oh Joy for the heads up on Pinterest about this.

pillow talk

Monday, November 15th, 2010

For the past two years I’ve noticed that it’s nearly impossible to open a design magazine without seeing colorful suzani or ikat pillows jazzing up a sofa or bed.  Since I’ve been in a redesigning mood lately but lacking the funds for a big change I’ve become addicted to these pillows as a way to spice up my decor.  I was happy to find so many Etsy shops selling these pillows using everything from designer fabrics to vintage textiles to make affordable pillows for the home. Check out these shops for more designs: Turquoise TumbleweedElegant Touch, Be Still, Chic Decor Pillows and Trendy Pillows.

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